Vision & Mission

Our Mission is to provide high quality, personalized, affordable and Customer delighting integrated Security Solutions, while creating a sustainable market position made up of Individuals, Institutions and Corporate organizations nationally and internationally and seeking to give a reasonable return to the stakeholders through fair and just commercial practices.



  1.  Integrity.
  2.  Honesty
  3.  Trustworthy
  4.  Transparency and accountability.
  5.  Convenience and effectiveness.


1.    To be the first security  firm to consider clients as sovereign consumer of services
2.    To achieve utilization of affordable resources for provision of quality services
3.    To be a leading security firm dealing in provisions of efficient and quality services.
4.    To remains as a going concern in order to observe consistency and reliability.

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Above all we encourage our customers to talk to us. Our approach is based on understanding the unique nature and specific requirements of every customer and contract and we firmly believe that open and proactive communication is the only way to achieve the high level of service that our customers have come to expect from Goforce Security Services.

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We recruit and train talented people to deliver the right service to meet clients' individual requirements. Our team of contract support staff, operations managers and guard support managers is a dedicated community of security professionals.