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Our aim is attract  develop  an retain highly qualified  talent manpower in order  to satisfy  the changing  client  needs and expectations. The  organization  pursues  a non  discriminatory recruitment  policy ensuring  that the best  applicant  in the markets   have  the opportunity to serve  and build  their skills  on the job.

We offer opportunities for the staff with   the passion for excellent in a career progression path to take directorship position in the long run.

Our dedicated teams of directors are always on guard to offer consultancy services and direction in the day to day running the company. Entry at this level will entails   line management positions with opportunities growth. We also  encourage  individual  with prerequisite knowledge skills  and abilities  to take  senior  management positions  in efforts  to add  value  to our  existing  products and services.

We endeavor  to train  and equip  our  field staff  with  the prerequisite  knowledge  and skill  in order  to satisfy  the ever  changing   client  expectation  our recruitment policy  ensures   that we attract individual   of high  integrity and honesty  through  vigorous  vetting  process.

Our  state   of the art  training  school  couple  with  a team  of  professional  trainers  ensures that   our   field  staffs  are  continuously  appraised   of the dynamics   of the security  industry. Refresher  training   is carried  out  on monthly   basis  to ensures  that  our staff  are  tip top  in regard to   security  and business  aspects.

Field   position    are hierarchically  arranged  to ensures  that staffs  rises   above  the ranks and take management  positions  in  the long run. Entry position at this level will include: security guard, courier crew, response crew, dog handler, riders, and drivers.

We boast the best field   staff in the region   that is envy to our competitor. Recruitment into this entry positions is done on Tuesday and interested applicant are advised to appear in person for staff checks and preliminaries at our head office in Nairobi and regional offices.

Goforce security investigation   teams, provide world class contracted investigation services. Our tearms are trained to provide detailed and objective analytical reports pertaining to specified incidents.

Security guards
Emphasis is given   to the clients specifications and the prevailing security needs of the premise. Guard deployed to every new assignment must be introduced to the client. Who is encouraged to participate in supplementary   survey and briefing on security matters pertaining to the particular premise before active duty.

Requirement for recruitment


  • Must be Kenyan citizen
  • Aged between 23years to 35 years
  • Height of 5ft 9inches and above
  • A secondary school certificate, form four
  • Certificate of good conduct from criminal investigation department of police
  • Letters of referees from government administrator, area chief
  • Have letter of introduction from two referees giving their conducts together with copies of national identity cards
  • Be in possession of national identity card
  • If previously employed letter from the last employer

Having satisfied the above requirement the candidate sit for an aptitude test and only those who pass are admitted to our training school.

To apply or for further information kindly email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here

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